Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cut Throat Dopeness

This is a photo i saw on Grotesk's blog on 12oz prophets as soon as i saw i had to grab it..
He qoutes on the pic "This dude is probably not the killer he pretends to be but the back of his jacket is amazing"..
Which reminds me that one night when i was out i saw this dude with this blonde 70's style hair cut that was wearing an worriors vest.So i started calling him Swan all night after a while and alot of wierd looks from the dude he asked me wot i was on about..Turns out the guy has never even seen The Worriors and didnt even know wot i was on about..ive only seen the game he said and my mum bought the vest for that shit is played out..
anyways dope pic and jacket that i had to share with you all also reminds me of this aNYthing hoody i got..

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mothers Day Special

I went for a paint with one of my main boys Pheds went to a dope spot in Sydney north heaps chilled spot near the water was a real relaxin day sun shine and all.Phedsie did a mothers day piece for he's mum,ladies this mans a keeper's the flicks check it..